Test Suite

API Umbrella's test suite uses Ruby's minitest. All tests are located in the test directory. Tests are separated into these areas:

Running Tests

For running the tests, the Dockerfile-test can be used. After building the base-image, the test image can be build:

    docker build -f Dockerfile-test --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=<IMAGE_TO_TEST> -t umbrella-test . 

Before executing the actual tests, the environment(MongoDB and Elasticsearch) needs to be provided.

    docker-compose -f docker/compose/docker-compose.yaml up

Test can then be executed via:

    docker run --network host  -v $(pwd)/pics:/app/test/tmp/capybara umbrella-test make test

All screenshots taken by selenium/capybara can be found at $(pwd)/pics after that. To access logfiles of all umbrella components, the tests should be executed as following:

    docker run --network host  -v $(pwd)/pics:/app/test/tmp/capybara --entrypoint bash -it umbrella-test
    make test

Logs can be found at /app/test/tmp/run/api-umbrella-root/var/log

Running Individual Tests

Individual tests can be run in a similar way. Precondition is a running enviornment, as described in the previous paragraph. The test to run can be provided via the environment variable TEST_TO_RUN and can either be a single test file(f.e. test/apis/admin/stats/test_logs.rb) or a folder to run all test below that(f.e. test/apis/admin/stats).

    docker run -e TEST_TO_RUN=<MY_TEST> --network host  -v $(pwd)/pics:/app/test/tmp/capybara --entrypoint bash -it umbrella-test
    make single-test