HTTP Headers

After API Umbrella verifies an incoming request (a valid API key, below rate limits, etc), it will then proxy the incoming request to your API backend. The request your API backend receives will have additional HTTP headers added to the request. These headers can optionally be used to identify details about the requesting user.


A unique identifier for the requesting user (UUID format). This should be used if your API backend needs to uniquely identify the user making the request.

X-Api-User-Id: (UUID)


X-Api-User-Id: d44a13a0-926a-11e3-baa8-0800200c9a66


If the user accessing the API has roles assigned to them, these will be present in the X-Api-Roles header as a comma-separated list of roles:

X-Api-Roles: (comma separated list)


X-Api-Roles: write_permissions,private_access


Used for identifying the original IP address of the client. See X-Forwarded-For for usage and details.

X-Forwarded-For: (comma separated list)




The original protocol of the client's request (either http or https). This can be used to determine how the client originally connected to the API regardless of what protocol is being used for API backend communication.

X-Forwarded-Proto: (http or https)


X-Forwarded-Proto: https


The original port of the client's request (for example, 80 or 443). This can be used to determine how the client originally connected to the API regardless of what port is being used for API backend communication.

X-Forwarded-Port: (number)


X-Forwarded-Port: 443


A unique string identifier for each individual request. This can be used in log data to trace a specific request through multiple servers or proxy layers.

X-Api-Umbrella-Request-Id: (unique string identifier)


X-Api-Umbrella-Request-Id: aelqdj9lfoe7c2itheg0

X-Api-Key (Deprecated)

Currently the API passed in by the user is passed along to API backends in the X-Api-Key header. However, this header is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Instead, the X-Api-User-Id should be used if you need to uniquely identify the requesting user.

X-Api-Key: (api key)


X-Api-Key: 5WH3bgykjP9ihtrRl5ib9nQY5NzUGOixdXjBnx18