Building Docker Images


  • git
  • Docker

Building Images

The build is split into a base-image, that is used as the build-stage and the concrete image built of the base.

To build the base image for the current API Umbrella version:

docker build -f Dockerfile-base -t fiware/api-umbrella-base:INSERT_VERSION_HERE .

To build the executable image of the previous base image, use the Dockerfile-build-from-base. The base image can be provided as a build argument. It defaults to the latest base image.

docker build -f Dockerfile-build-from-base -t fiware/api-umbrella:INSERT_VERSION_HERE --build-arg BASE_IMAGE=fiware/api-umbrella-base:INSERT_VERSION_HERE .

:warning: The dockerfiles Dockerfile-beta-deploy, Dockerfile-build, Dockerfile-dev and Dockerfile-dev-build are deprecated and will be removed in the future.