Compiling From Source

Installing from a binary package is recommended, if available (let us know if you'd like to see binary packages for other platforms). However, if you'd like to compile from source, follow these instructions:


  • 64bit Linux distribution
    • It should be possible to run against other 64bit *nix operating systems, but our build script currently has some hard-coded assumptions to a 64bit linux environment. File an issue if you'd like to see other operating systems supported.
  • Dependencies can automatically be installed for supported distributions by running the ./tasks/install-system-build-dependencies script. For unsupported distributions, view the ./build/ file for a list of required packages.

Compiling & Installing

$ curl -OLJ
$ tar -xvf api-umbrella-0.14.4.tar.gz
$ cd api-umbrella-0.14.4
$ sudo ./tasks/install-system-build-dependencies
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install